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My Portfolio:

Throughout this site, you will find examples of my work. I have compiled a portfolio here, so that you may access these files more easily. 

I've included: 

  1. Examples of Scientific Journalism on Science Articles.- These show my understanding of the science being conducted today, and my ability to communicate that effectively to a wide audience. This file includes examples of social media use, as well as a basic post explaining the findings of the research. 
  2. Scientific Social Media- This example of my work shows how science can be shared through social media, and how science is being communicated today, not only by the general public, but by scientists themselves! 
  3. A video of a mini-Ted Talk ( , which you can access by scrolling down to the Presentations, Podcasts, and Videos Section of my website-- I am still working on making this available for download! This is one area in which I am working to improve, by being able to speak in a concise and clear manner in an engaging way. If you look through my gallery, recently I've been focusing on practicing this through pitch presentations for start-up companies, as well as through class presentations. 
  4. A Point/Counterpoint piece about science communication, which aims to highlight the challenges many science communicators face. I specifically aim to highlight the fact that many "experts" are not what they appear. 
  5. An Op-Ed- This is one of my favorite pieces to work on, as I like being able to take a position, based on scientific knowledge, and argue it. Science is increasingly involved in every aspect of society, and there are important issues that must be debated and shared with the public. 
  6. A Policy Brief- I have authored several policy briefs for SciPol, the science policy tracking program at Duke University. I have included one of these in my portfolio for your perusal. An important but difficult part of writing these briefs is that unlike the op-ed, one has to ensure that one is writing impartially, as these briefs aren't meant to advance an argument, but just provide important information. 
  7. A Video about Climate Change and the Syrian Civil War- Again in the Presentations, Podcasts and Videos section of my website, you'll find a video I made regarding Climate Change and it's influence on the Syrian Civil War. Broadcast and digital media skills are critical to science communicators today, and I am proud to say that I have more than five years of experience in this field. 

I have also included my full resume for your perusal. 

My Blog

Videos, Podcasts, and Presentations

The Pursuit of Happiness: an Audio Story

I share the story of a Burmese family, who have gone through a harrowing journey from their home to a refugee camp in Thailand, finally across an ocean to the United States. This family is now in Chapel Hill, and is working to make their American Dream come true. 

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My publications Include:  

The Histone Variant H2A.X is a Regulator of the  Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition.

Published in Nature Communications   

Inactivation of NADPH Oxidases NOX4 and NOX5 

Protects Human Primary Fibroblasts from Ionizing Radiation-Induced DNA Damage. 

Published in Radiation Research   

NADPH Oxidase 4 is a Critical Mediator in 

Ataxia-Telangiectasia Disease.  

Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 



I am a freelance photographer and videographer with over five years of professional experience. I am an NCDOT certified UAS Operator. I also have coursework and work experience in investigative and broadcast journalism, digital media, and data analysis. 

I also serve as the nightside and weekend assignment editor for WRAL-TV, in Raleigh, NC.  In this position, I plan the coverage for our news broadcasts, and assist producers during daily news broadcasts. I also assist in various roles on the groundbreaking High School OT Live Show.  


I am currently a graduate student at Duke University studying Bioethics and Science Policy. As part of my studies, I analyze science-related policy. I have authored several policy briefs for SciPol, the Duke Initiative for Science and Society's Policy Tracking Program. Through my policy briefs, I aim to provide timely and quality information to a broad audience of academics, companies, journalists, nonprofits, and policy practitioners.

Science Communication

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SciPol at Duke University

Who I work with

Sinon Therapeutics

SiNON is dedicated to improving the lives of those who suffer from debilitating neurological diseases by increasing the ability of drugs to cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). 


GOLeafe produces spherical graphene oxide, reduced graphene, boron doped graphene, phosphorus doped graphene as well nitrogen doped graphene

Duke Science & Society

The Duke Initiative for Science & Society examines the integral role of science in law, policy, social institutions, and culture.

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